About Us

Since 1973, Meals on Wheels – East Texas has been a ministry serving a daily meal to over 2,500 frail, home-bound senior citizens an d disabled persons; covering six counties in East Texas . These meals are prepared fresh at our central kitchen in Tyler, TX. Meals are then delivered by compassionate volunteers to eligible persons who cannot provide meals for themselves. Often this is the only meal a client will have each day. Meals on Wheels is the most well-known community-based network working on seniors and community members with disabilities isolation and hunger in the country. Every year, Meals on Wheels saves millions in taxpayer dollars by keeping seniors out of hospitals and nursing homes. When you support us here in East Texas, you’re taking a stand for your local community and getting involved with a national movement that helps millions of seniors and community members with disabilities throughout this country. Here in East Texas, we’re one of more than 5,000 programs in virtually every community across the U.S. Collectively Meals on Wheels delivers a million healthy meals each day. We work together to keep seniors and community members with disabilities living independently at home and feeling more vital and connected.