Meals Fur Pets

Keep Your Pets at Home, Where They Belong

In 2014, Meals on Wheels Ministry began a partnership with Pets Fur People in an effort to meet a need we had observed in our clients. Through this partnership, we now offer our clients assistance with feeding their household dogs and cats.

Each month, our clients who participate in the Meals Fur Pets program receive a one-gallon bag of pet food to help feed their pets.

By providing this pet food service, we make sure that our clients are able to care for their furry friends, dogs and cats who provide invaluable companionship to elderly men and women who may not have any other regular visitors. We also ensure that our clients are not faced with a terrible choice: to eat or to feed their beloved animals.

This program is supported by strictly private donations and grants. We believe that this simple partnership not only improves the well-being of our clients but also ensures that their pets are able to remain living at home, not moved to shelters.

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