Home-delivered Meals

Home Delivery

Senior citizens or disabled individuals may qualify to have five nutritionally balanced lunches delivered to their homes. All meals meet RDA requirements, are diabetic friendly, and are prepared fresh daily. Our paid delivery staff and a group of community volunteers deliver the meals.

Safety Check

The daily meal delivery also allows the volunteer to perform a daily safety check on the well-being of the individual. When necessary, an emergency system is in place whereby help is summoned.

Eligibility Check

Senior citizens who receive meals are generally over age 60, with physical, mental, or financial hardships that make it impossible for the individual to either purchase or prepare food. Recipients are referred by friends, relatives, physicians, and social work professionals. Often the senior has no family on whom to rely for this most basic human need. A phone assessment is conducted to determine the individual’s level of need, and services are offered based on the assessment outcome. No qualifying individual is ever denied meal service based on the inability to pay.